Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Should School Reward Good Attendance?

Some schools reward students for good attendance with prizes like movie tickets, cash (as much as $10,000), and even cars. Some people think that this is a good idea because it keeps some kids from skipping school. By rewarding the kids, schools are trying to concentrate on the positive and give rewards for good choices kids make. Schools’ goal is to keep kids in school as long as they can.
On the other hand, some people say that kids should be expected to attend school because education is important. They also say that rewarding kids with good attendance creates jealousy among other kids who don’t have good attendance which will lead to conflict. They claim that kids can’t help it if they are sick or have appointments somewhere, and as a result they do not have any choice other than miss school that day.
I believe that it is great that schools are trying to concentrate on the positive instead of always dealing with bad behavior by giving some kind of punishment as a consequence. Kids need to learn that coming to school is important because they will benefit from it in the long run. At the same time they need to be encouraged to continue making good choices. I also believe that it is not necessary to go to extremes, giving away huge rewards like a car or $10,000 dollars. This would definitely create jealousy among other kids. School should continue rewarding kids with good attendance, but kids with an accepted excuse should still count. One reward idea that kids would benefit from might be contributing a reasonable amount to a fund every year they have a good attendance and once they graduate they can use that fund to go to college.

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